10 Surprising Car Accident Facts And Statistics Every Driver Should Know

10 Surprising Car Accident Facts And Statistics Every Driver Should Know

Did you know that excessive speed kills? Every time we step on the gas beyond the required speed limit, there’s always that lingering fear of things ending badly and a silent plea for things to end well.  

Car accidents are scary and can happen at any time. Therefore, to avoid being a victim, many drivers believe that being extra cautious, vigilant, and well-informed can help reduce their chances of falling victim to the wheel.  

This ideology is valid, but on the other hand, you cannot count on other road users to be diligent, cautious, and well-informed to follow the rules. Irrespective of ideologies, you have to play your part for your safety and that of others. 

Therefore, to reduce the chances of becoming another statistic on the list, here are some of the most surprising car accident facts and statistics that every driver and road user should know. 

It’s estimated that about 10% to 15% of all fatal car crashes are caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving includes any activity that takes the driver’s attention off the road for a second or more, enough to cause an accident.  

Did you know that texting is one of the most dangerous distractions to a driver? According to statistics, it takes about five seconds to type and send a text. However, the simple act of typing and sending involves cognitive, visual, and manual distractions. 

  • Gender-Based Accidents  

Do men or women get in more car accidents? Men are said to cause more car accidents than women. Men caused an average margin of 6.1 million accidents annually, while women caused an average of 4.4 million per year.

A significant number of car accidents occur near the driver’s home. Drivers tend to relax and be more carefree when driving through familiar roads. It’s estimated that about 52% occur within 5 miles of their house, and another 77% occur within 15 miles or less of their home. 

Did you know that teen accidents account for nearly 13% of all car accidents? Motor accidents involving teens between the ages of 16 to 19 occur more often. This is because teens are more easily distracted by texting or talking on the phone while drinking alcohol. 10 Surprising Car Accident Facts And Statistics Every Driver Should Know

At least one-third of all fatal car crashes occur due to drivers being under the influence of alcohol. According to various data sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), driving under the influence kills close to 30 people daily, with a single person being killed every 50 minutes by a drunk driver. You can avoid an accident by not drinking and driving.  

  • Passenger And Passerby Risk  

While car accidents seriously affect drivers, they’re often not the only ones. It’s believed that nearly 62% of individuals killed in Surprising Car Accident were passengers rather than drivers, while about 36% of deaths in car accidents were either pedestrians or cyclists.  

While it takes a car’s airbag about a second to fully inflate, the force of impact between the driver and the airbag can be severe to the point of causing fatal injuries. To reduce airbag injuries, drivers are advised to keep their seats at a distance from the steering wheel and use their seatbelts.  

Did you know that missing two hours of sleep can double your chances of being in a Surprising Car Accident? Lack of sleep and fatigue are slowly becoming significant causes of road accidents. Many car accidents occur as drivers report feeling tired and falling asleep at the wheel.  

Did you know it takes almost 10 times more effort to stop a car in snow than when the weather is clear? Driving in poor weather and visibility kills more than many weather-related incidents like floods, tornadoes, etc. 

Drivers are advised to avoid driving in bad weather or use alternative means of transportation. But for those who still drive in poor weather conditions like snow, there are some safety precautions you can take to avoid a car accident. 


Driving is not a sport nor a fun thing to do. It’s a serious activity that, if not done safely, can lead to fatal accidents involving loss of life and even property. 

By being more aware of the many things that cause road accidents, such as the facts and statistics mentioned above, you’ll be more conscious about safety while driving to prevent more road accidents. Furthermore, it’s best to follow the traffic rules, avoid over speeding, and don’t drink and drive. 

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