1966 Ford Mustang 2 + 2 Fastback garners a lot of looks at North Bay car show

1966 Ford Mustang 2 + 2 Fastback garners a lot of looks at North Bay car show

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The Foote family is keeping their father’s memory and love for his 1966 Ford Mustang 2 + 2 Fastback alive.

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Jim Foote, one of five children, said he remembers jumping into the Mustang with his siblings.

“This was a family car. We certainly had a lot of fun in it,” he said during Sunday’s 14th annual Part Source Charity Car and Bike Show at Lee Park.

More than 300 cars and bikes were featured in the event and were judged on everything from interior to exterior to engine to entertainment units inside the vehicle.

Foote said the car was purchased by his father John Foote in July 30, 1966 as the family’s second car.

He said his father, who worked for Western Union which was attached to the US military had been transferred to North Bay from Stephenville, Newfoundland. John Foote Sr. was working at the Bomarc Missile Site in North Bay. The family is originally from Pontiac, Michigan.

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“My dad didn’t want to leave my mom and the five kids with no car. So he bought this one to commute back and forth,” Foote said, adding the price tag for the classic car was $2,760 plus $416.28 finance charges.

“Mustangs are iconic, everyone recognizes a Mustang. Ford lost all of their records for 1964, 1954 and 1966 so there are no real understanding of what is left (in circulation),” he said.

“We know there were 55,000 or 60,000 made in those three years, however how many are left who knows. The colour, sutran gold, is fairly rare we’ve only seen eight.”

Between 1966 and 1973, John Foote Sr. was known for his love of racing and made some modifications to the family car, which has never been changed.

He added a Cobra Tac, Holley 600 Carburetor, points were changed to Dual Set, Hooker Headers and Traction Bars and rear end gears changed to 3.80.

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The car sat idle for a few years because of issues with the brakes. Due to family priorities the brake job was delayed.

The restoration of the classic car began in June 2016.

During September 2016 and March 2017, the engine and transmission were rebuilt by their 84-year-old father with the assistance of his sons.

The body restoration and reassembly was done by Boot Hill Automotive Resurrection in Erin, Ontario.

In May 2017, John Sr. was able to sit and drive his “beloved” 1966 Mustang for the first time since 1976 or 41 years.

John Sr. died in January, however the family is keeping his memory alive, as well, his love for his car.

The Mustang is often featured in area car shows and Foote says it certainly gets a lot of looks when driven.

“We do about 1,000 to 1,500 miles a year. It doesn’t see winter or rain.”

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