5 Best Rental Car Companies That Allow Towing SUVs, Etc.

5 Best Rental Car Companies That Allow Towing SUVs, Etc.

Planning to go for a trip this weekend or moving to a new location? If yes, it is safe to assume that you might be looking for a rental car company that allows towing, right? You would need companies to help you tow your car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle.

Well, you must be aware that many car rental companies don’t allow towing as it requires maintenance with support. I’ve tried similar services and faced multiple issues like irregular trucks, poor maintenance, many rules/regulations, etc.

What is the process to help people looking for similar services?

Well, I researched a few companies for Throttlebias readers that allow towing with any issue. However, most of the mentioned brands request you to bring your tools for towing.

List Of Car Rentals That Allow Towing

1. U-Haul

About: U-Haul, AMERCO owned, is an American truck rental & transportation company founded by Leonard Shoen in 1945. The company operates from Arizona and offers a wide variety of rental trucks and self-storage services.

U-Haul Trucks Towing A Trailer

In addition, U-Haul also offers containers, trailers, hitches, moving labours and a wide range of military moving in over 20,000 locations. The brand offers a wide range of rental trucks such as Pickups, Cargo vans, 10′ trucks, 15′ trucks, 17′ trucks, 20′ trucks, 26′ truck


  • Get your moving and packing done with the biggest moving companies in America.
  • Permits users to rent vehicles separately for towing and trailers.
  • You can either rent its vehicle for towing your trailer or rent its trailer and tow it with the help of your car.
  • U-Haul offers receiver hitches.
  • 50% easier to load low deck and wide, stable ramp.
  • Gentle-ride suspensions.
  • Over 20k locations convenient pickup and return.
  • Best-in-class space.
  • Lowest cost of renting.
  • You can rent for the one-way move.


  • Vans are not able to tow trailers or cars behind them.

Types of Vehicles Available for towing:

  • 8 ft (2.44 m). pickup trucks from GMC & Ford.
  • 10 feet (3.05 m), 15 feet (4.57 meters), 17 feet (ca. 5 meters), 20 feet (6.1 m), 24 feet (7.32 m) and 26 feet (7.92 m) moving truck.

Types of trailers available for rent:

  • Cargo trailers or closed-top of different sizes
  • Utility trailers or open-top
  • Tow dollies
  • Motorcycle
  • Car carriers

Contact Information

2. Budget Truck Rental

About: Budget Truck Rental was founded in 1998 and has been reliable since then. The company acquired Ryder TRS and merged into Budget to start a trucking rental business.

Budget Truck Rental
Budget Truck Rental

Currently, Budget offers over 27,000 trucks across different countries and states. When you select Budget Truck as your Business’s truck rental provider, you will get to know our friendly staff and enjoy a program that meets your commercial transportation needs. Below is the list of Budget truck rental fleets:

Truck size Capacity
12-Foot Truck 1-2 rooms (small apartment)
16-Foot Truck 3-4 rooms (1-2 bedrooms)
24-Foot Truck 5-8 rooms (3-4 bedrooms)
26-Foot Truck 5-8 rooms (3-4 bedrooms)

In addition, Budget also offers a list of supplies for all customers during trucking or moving. You get items such as:

Packing tape, Rope, Packing paper, Mattress bags, Bubble wrap, Box markers, Work gloves, Furniture pads, Packing peanuts, Box knives, Tape dispensers, Tow dollies, Padlocks & Hand trucks


  • One-way rentals are allowed.
  • Provides receiver hitches
  • The unlimited mileage is based on the chosen rental. You can find it out while booking the service.


  • Car carriers and tow dollies need to be rented with a Budget Truck reservation, as it doesn’t allow them to be rented separately.

Types of vehicles available for towing:

  • Cargo van
  • 12 Feet small trucks
  • 16 Feet medium trucks
  • 26 Feet moving trucks

Types of trailers available for rent:

Contact Information

  • Technical Assistance Number: 800-404-8033
  • Corporate Address: Avis Budget Car Rental, LLC, 6 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054 U. S.

3. Penske Truck Rental

About: Penske Truck Rental was founded in 1969 by Roger Penske. The brand is a joint collaboration of Penske Corporation, Penske Automotive & Mitsui corporation to provide commercial budget trucks for rent.

Penske Truck Rental
Penske Trucks

In addition, Penske also works in truck fleet maintenance and used truck sales. Currently, Penske is headquartered in Pennsylvania and maintains a fleet of over 3,00,000 trucks (mid to big trucks). Let’s check the trucks offered:

For Personal rental:

  • High-Roof Cargo Van
  • 12, 16, 22, & 26 Foot Truck

For commercial rental:

  • Light-duty trucks
  • Electric cargo vans
  • Medium-duty trucks
  • Heavy-duty tractors
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Semi-trailers
  • One-way trucks


  • One-way rentals are allowed.
  • Receiver hitches are provided. You also get a tow dolly & a car carrier.
  • Offers unlimited mileage with one-way truck rental.


  • Towing your own trailer is not allowed.
  • Like Budget Truck Rental, car carriers and tow dollies will be rented with Penske Truck Reservation.
  • No trailers, just trucks.

Types of vehicles available for towing:

Types of trailers available for rent:

Penske also offers additional discounts:

  • One-Way Unlimited Mileage
  • Limited Time Offer
  • AAA Discounts
  • Military Discounts
  • College Student Discounts

Contact Information

  • Road Assistance: 1-800-526-0798
  • Personal Truck Rental Information: 1-844-847-9577

4. Enterprise Truck Rental

About: Enterprise launched its car rental business in 1957, and since then, it is getting exceptional, thanks to its service quality and trust.

Enterprise Trucks
Enterprise Trucks

The company also introduced truck rental services in 1999 with a single focus on disrupting commercial purposes of car rental such as towing, cargo, etc. Did you know? Enterprise offers car rental with unlimited mileage in different countries.

Currently, the brand offers commercial-grade trucks (pickups, cargo vans & straight trucks) with best-in-class customer service in over 500 locations. In addition, if I talk about types of vehicles, Enterprise offers a comprehensive list of Business & personal rentals:

  • Pickup trucks: Up to 1,800 lbs. with 5 people capacity
  • 1/2 ton pickup: Up to 2,000 lbs. with short and long beds
  • 3/4 ton pickup: Up to 4,000 lbs. payload with towing capability
  • 1-ton pickup: Up to 6,000 lbs. payload with towing capability and short/long beds


  • Excellent customer service and brand value to trust.
  • Enterprise offers the best-rated pickup trucks available in the market.
  • Only one-way rentals are allowed.
  • Unlimited mileage to offer as a package.
  • Excellent tracking and optimization, thanks to the partnership with different automotive software development companies.


  • You must provide all your equipment for towing.

Types of vehicles available for towing:

  • You can pick from various ½, ¾, 1-ton pickup trucks – Ram 2500 and 3500, Ford F250 and F350, Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500, etc.

Types of trailers available for rent:

  • Enterprise doesn’t offer trailers as a service or product.

Contact Information

5. Hertz

About: Hertz is one of the biggest car rentals holding companies in the USA, after Enterprise and Avis. The brand was founded in 1918 by Walter L. Jacobs with a focus on improving commuting and lifestyle.

Hertz Truck Rental
Hertz Van

Currently, Hertz is operating in Florida and successfully running a car rental business in over 150 countries, including Latin America, Africa, The Caribbean, The Middle East and many more.


  • One-way rental is allowed.
  • Unlimited mileage is provided.


  • Permission is required from Hertz.
  • The weight of the travel trailer to be towed cannot exceed the weight of the vehicle itself.
  • A vehicle should also carry a towbar.

List of Vehicles available for Towing:

Types of trailers available for rent:

  • Hertz doesn’t offer trailers or campers as of now.

Contact Information


Thanks for giving time to this research. I curated data and included the top 5 promising companies that allow towing.

Now, depending on your adventure plan, you are planning to move out or have a weekend holiday. I suggest you pick a suitable brand given in the list and enjoy.

Note: Please ensure that you take care of all standards for towing a trailer, such as a tire, weight capability and much more.

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