5 Reasons To Install A Lift Kit On Your Truck

5 Reasons To Install A Lift Kit On Your Truck

A truck lift kit is a modification that lifts your truck’s body to give it a higher profile. The kit creates greater space between the ground and your truck, allowing for bigger tires that elevate your truck’s rough terrain capability. The larger suspension also eases bump intensity, especially when driving at a higher speed. A truck with a lift kit is more capable of avoiding accidents and other hazards than a truck without a lift kit.

If you’re still not convinced to install a truck lift on your truck, the following reasons might change your mind:

  1. Better Road Visibility 

One of the best reasons to install a lift kit, such as 5th gen 4Runner lift kits, on your truck is to get a better view when driving. This is essential for your own safety and of other road users, especially since many accidents occur due to poor visibility, especially among older adults.

Driving a truck with a lift kit allows you to see obstacles quickly and clearly. For instance, you can quickly spot a dog crossing the road, identify large rocks, notice road signs from afar, and other factors that could interfere with your driving. 

  1. Ground Clearance 

The greatest reason to give your truck a suspension lift is to have ground clearance, also known as the ride height. This refers to the minimum distance between your truck’s body and the ground. Rough terrains have large rocks and ruts that easily obstruct a normal truck as they can lift the truck’s tires, thus, restricting movement. However, this isn’t the case with a lifted truck, as it has ample clearance space between its body and the ground, allowing it to easily drive through obstacles. In short, with higher ground clearance, you can tackle extremely rough terrains without the fear of being stuck.

Meanwhile, if your truck has lower ground clearance, it’s more likely to be scratched and damaged by rocks and logs when driving in rough terrains. However, installing a lift kit increases ground clearance, reducing the chances of damage to your undercarriage. Since most of the essential components of a vehicle are located on the underside, it makes sense to install a lift kit to avoid damage.

  1. Better Towing 

Installing a lift kit improves your truck’s towing capabilities. Ideally, when your truck tows heavy objects, it tends to reduce ground clearance. If your truck doesn’t have a lift kit, it might come close to the ground, which can be dangerous, especially when driving in rough terrains. The case is different if your truck has a lift kit because it prevents it from sagging too close to the ground.

However, not all lift kits are good for towing; some may ruin your truck’s towing capability. For instance, leveling lift kits are designed to create a sloppy angle from the back to the front. The high back end allows them to tow heavy loads without bottoming up. Meanwhile, suspension lift kits, although have greater off-road performance, can ruin your truck’s towing capabilities. They elevate your truck too high, thus, raising the center of gravity. This makes the truck less stable and unsafe when towing heavy objects. Additionally, suspension lifts are soft to promote a comfortable off-road ride, so they‘re prone to sagging when towing heavy loads. The sag can cause damage to your truck’s shocks, springs, and breaks.

Therefore, the type of lift kit you choose will depend on your truck’s intended purpose.  

  1. Provides Easier Access To The Truck’s Undercarriage

Frequent access to your truck’s undercarriage is necessary to access the major components of the truck. Fortunately, a truck lift kit provides easier access to the said area. This allows for frequent inspections, which help spot small damages before they escalate further.  

  1. Improved Truck Aesthetics  

Whether you’re installing suspension or leveling lift kits, your truck will have a unique style that makes it stand out from the rest. A lifted truck with big tires looks impeccable, and no normal truck can beat that. In fact, most truck owners install lift kits to improve the truck’s visual appearance. Therefore, if you love monster trucks, install your own truck with a lift kit to achieve the same exact look.

The Bottom Line 

This article has enumerated the various benefits of installing a lift kit on your truck. By doing so, you get to achieve a smooth and safe road experience each time through improved road visibility, better ground clearance, as well as better towing capabilities, among others. A lift kit can also make your vehicle look more visually attractive. Hopefully, such reasons can help you decide whether or not to upgrade to a lifted truck.

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