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8 Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2022

Motorcycle Helmet Purchase Guide


Motorcycle Helmets. There are several safety ratings that will give you a better idea of ​​how protection-oriented your chosen motorcycle helmet really is. In the United States, a DOT or Department of Transportation rating means your helmet has been pre-tested according to all measures defined by the road safety network.

Ventilation System

Helmet ventilation is directly related to comfort and a better riding experience. Helmets that do not have an adequate amount of ventilation and exhaust can get hot and stuffy quickly. A well-ventilated helmet keeps your head cool and fresh, which is very important for riders. If your helmet is known for its ventilation system, you are looking at one of the best motorcycle helmets on the market, and you should not miss this opportunity.

Weight and Size

The shape and size of your helmet is a non-negotiable consideration that you should make before hitting the buy button. The aerodynamics of the helmet’s outer shell affect not only its size but also its weight. If your helmet is too heavy, it does not necessarily promise safety. The lightweight helmet ensures that your head and neck do not experience any cramping while riding while keeping your focus on the road ahead. In addition, you should always pay attention to the size chart when buying a motorcycle helmet as an interior material, and cheap bearings can affect the fit.


Cost is another factor that makes your investment fruitful and eliminates regrets. Instead of focusing on helmets with heavy features, it is recommended that you only pay for the bells and whistles that are very useful to you. other

Motorcycle Helmet FAQ

Are Expensive Motorcycle Helmets Worth It?

Yes, helmets are expensive because most helmet companies do extensive research and development to make helmets that do not look cool but also keep you safe in the event of an accident. In addition, the helmet is tested in a wind tunnel facility to reduce drag when riding at high speeds. All of this requires years of research and high-end technology. Therefore, the high price is justified.

Which Type of Helmet is Best?

For a completely safe and guaranteed riding experience, we recommend that you get a full-face helmet or a dual-sport helmet as it covers your entire face unlike a Half-helmet or a flip-up helmet. Most modular helmets are considered safe but some can have fragile hinges that can break in an accident and derail the purpose of wearing the helmet.

How Many Years Does a Motorcycle Helmet Last?

A helmet can last up to 5 years if handled with care and never been involved in an accident. With regular use, the helmet lasts about 3 years. If involved in an accident, you should replace your helmet immediately.

Is Snell Better Than DOT?

DOT is the basic helmet safety standard for street legal helmets in the U.S. but If your helmet comes with a Snell rating it should be better than a DOT approved helmet because Snell approved helmets go through extensive testing and are generally safer than DOT approved helmets.

This Is Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2022

1. Shoei GT-Air 2

Motorcycle Helmet

The Shoei GT Air 2 helmet is the best representation of the ideal full-face motorcycle helmet, and it’s not just about looks. This helmet brings the most premium features and high functionality you will ever get. How? Well, it has a sophisticated build, all the subtle aerodynamic touches, and a perfectly fitted sun visor. Trust me, the visor is the most satisfying integration you will find on this list.

Each of those fibers makes the Shoei GT Air 2 contribute to its greatness. This helmet is equipped with Japan’s renowned Advanced Integrated Matrix technology. Well, it is a shame if we didn’t mention how this full-face helmet was formed. The Shoei GT Air 2 was born as direct feedback to its predecessor GT Air 1. After correcting all doubts in the older version, this full-face modular helmet features high-end features including an emergency release system, micro ratchet made of stainless steel, and a game-changing pin lock ready visor. The fans following these best motorcycle helmets are so great that Sena, another well-known motorcycle gear brand, designed a wireless Bluetooth communication system specifically for the GT Air 2.

The inside of the helmet is as stunning as the luxurious exterior. With comfortable fabrics that wrap around your head, and well-insulated cushioning, this product is an avatar of true perfection for the rider. Also, due to its versatile design, this helmet is perfect for touring and everyday commuting.


  • Very premium building
  • Comfortable fabric inside and impact-resistant cushioning
  • Excellent locking guard
  • Dedicated space to accommodate Bluetooth communication systems


  • Can be expensive for our readers looking for a cheap full-face helmet

2. Arai Corsair X

The Aria Corsair X is another motorcycle in the upper echelon of rider safety gear. The helmet is the successor to the famous Arai Corsair V. However; The Corsair X looks very much like its predecessor; there are several features that have been improved and added that make it much more worthy of being called the best motorcycle helmet on the market.

The helmet’s composite fiber shell is upgraded to feel light on your head. The safety factor is reaffirmed with the SNELL rating as well as the bonus by SHARP which closed at an impressive 5/5. The shell was tweaked to look and feel smoother. One of the most satisfying changes to this motorcycle helmet is the complete ventilation duct located on the top dome with multiple exhaust and ventilation ducts for fog clearing and better visibility. In short, the Arai Corsair is a true art form for riders.

The helmet also features an ultra-fine lining and adjustable straps along the cheeks and temple area, for a snug fit. Another feature that puts this helmet scale at the top level is the enhanced axle system and lock guard mechanism. These helmets served as inspiration for the motorcycle industry, with several other brands replicating their captivating integrations. Can they recoup the authentic satisfaction of owning an Arai Corsair X? Maybe not, the original is still the best and probably always will be.


  • Better Ventilation System
  • Extra soft fabric on the inside
  • Premium creation
  • Offers the best rider safety


  • Pricing has proven to be very expensive for buyers on a budget.

3. AGV K-1

Motorcycle Helmet

The AGV K-1 helmet will restore your confidence in rider safety measures which also enhances your sports and adventure personality. Yes, indeed, the AGV K 1 does not really bring new elements, but it brings revolution and class. The main advantage of the AGV K1 helmet comes from its entry-level features at the pinnacle of AGV Racer technology.

Thermoplastic shell sports helmet which is a wider shield for wider and angular vision. The helmet face shield is equipped with an anti-fog feature that adds a sharp view to the road ahead. The interior fabric consists of a total of four polyester layers offering a snug fit. The plush cheek pads act as cushions and resist impact should anything happen while you are driving.

There are five vents scattered throughout the helmet body. The dual rear exhaust completes the anti-fog features, and the shell stays true to the cutting-edge aerodynamics that are another hallmark of the brand. The shell also eliminates wind noise due to its anti-wind integration. Not a single bullet was wasted on the AGV K1 motorcycle helmet. This product is made for longevity and safety


  • Improved noise reduction
  • Adequate ventilation and exhaust for better resistance to fogging
  • Attractive design and made premium
  • Convenient for long trips


  • Slightly Expensive

4. DLX Qualification Bell

The Bell DLX qualification is an excellent offering for riders looking for under-budget rider safety gear. The brand has been one of the pioneers when it comes to motorcycle helmets, and they do not disappoint with this product either. The Bell Qualifier DLX helmet comes as a breath of fresh air with an ingenious color scheme, light-reactive shield, and an eye-catching Double D ring fastener. There is no doubt that this product is the crème de la crème and fully deserves to be classified as the best motorcycle helmet for racing and everyday commuting.

In fact, you’re probably quite familiar with the DLX Qualifier if you’re a racing fan. There is a reason why you see so many famous racing figures wearing these helmets. The first noticeable improvement on this motorcycle helmet is that the face shield is equipped with photochromic light transition, which means the shield darkens when you are exposed to too much UV light.

Excellent quick release technology makes operation convenient and simple. This helmet is designed to accommodate an intercom system with removable side panels and is spacious enough to adopt an intercom like the Sena SMH10. Yes, there is a slight downside in terms of the noise reduction capabilities of this helmet. However, for the price, this product is definitely a steal.


  • Improved UV protective face shield
  • Effective ventilation unit
  • Affordable as a full-face motorcycle helmet
  • Very popular with riders


  • Noise reduction is not as good as expected

5. AGV Pista GP RR

Motorcycle Helmet

The AGV Pista GP RR is built for aggressive riding, making it perfect for track or racing days. The helmet features a tough wind-slicing angled front end with a wind tunnel developed shell. Because it is so light and so strong, it’s styled in Italy. Considering how much it gives, the price seems quite reasonable.

The Pista GP RR uses IVS vents with 5 large metal air vents on the front and 2 on the rear. Large cuts in the EPS allow air to flow through and over the helmet. In addition, this helmet has a comfortable lining that provides great adaptability to give you the perfect fit. The manufacturer has modelled the components around the shape of your head. On the inside, you will find dense foam that is just the right fit for you. This is what makes the helmet resistant to high-speed winds by keeping it in place properly. Making the lining removable and washable, AGV is concerned about the cleanliness of its customers.

When it comes to the visor, the Pista GP RR delivers greatness. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the one-click center visor lock mechanism will be easy to use for you. With a class 1 optical shield, you get perfect clarity.


  • Very light helmet
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Strong ventilation system


  • The inside of the helmet can be a bit noisy at high speeds

6. Shoei X-14

In recent years, only a few helmets have managed to get the same acclaim as the Shoei X-14. The X-14 rules the track. Every line, angle and curve of the helmet has been specially designed to make the most of you and your ride. Shoei has managed to give the X-14 some brilliant aerodynamic properties. How? It has maximized this property by testing it extensively with the wind tunnel method and receiving frequent professional rider feedback.

X-14 not only protects you from harm but also gives you comfort. With a dual-layer multi-density EPS liner, the Shoei X-14 provides excellent impact absorption and ventilation. The top air intake vent on the helmet is placed on the helmet in such a way that it maximizes the volume of air that enters the helmet. The Cheek Cooling System consists of a channel that passes through an EPS liner. This creates air holes in the foam of the cheek pads that allow cooling and expulsion of warm and moist air from your face.

The X-14 is made to fit everyone. It has a special interior system that allows you to remove the entire interior lining (for cleaning) and replace it with an optional thickness. This helmet keeps aggressive riders cool and dry with the 3D Max-Dry helmet lining, which absorbs and wicks away sweat and moisture twice as fast as traditional nylon.


  • Highly efficient ventilation system
  • Brilliant impact absorption properties
  • Effective aerodynamic design


  • Helmets can be a bit expensive

7. Arai XD-4

A world-famous helmet, the Arai XD4 is one of the best ADV touring helmets out there. Its Snell safety rating is evident in this regard. Like all the best motorcycle helmets from Arai, it features comfortable liners and cheek pads with 5mm padding that can be removed for a better fit. With the XD4, your journey is made easier because of its aerodynamic shell. The Arai helmet contains a removable floating peak, which vents air into redesigned vents. This not only improves overall ventilation but also makes hitting lighter at higher speeds. With larger side cowl vents, the helmet gets better ventilation. To make ventilation better, you get a drain hole in the top diffuser vent.

The Arai XD4 is not the lightest motorcycle helmet out there, but it doesn’t claim to be the lightest motorcycle helmet either. Weighing in at around 3.6 lbs, the XD4 can be quite heavy compared to a regular full-face helmet. However, the helmet’s high comfort level may not make you feel heavy. Speaking of convenience, the Arai XD4 does a good job in this area. It uses Dry-Cool technology to keep you dry and cool. If you wear glasses, you don’t have to worry about discomfort when you put them on or take them off.


  • This helmet comes with Arai’s incredible build quality
  • Snell and DOT certified, so protection is guaranteed
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Very comfortable
  • Good for users who wear glasses


  • Helmets can feel a little heavy for some users
  • Quite expensive for people who are looking for a full-face helmet on a limited budget

8. Shoei RF-1400

Motorcycle Helmet

The successor to Shoei’s wildly popular RF-1200 helmet, the new RF-1400 is a big step up for Shoei. Like all Shoei helmets, the RF-1400 looks heavy, but it really is not. In fact, it is the lightest Snell M2020 rated full-face helmet from Shoei. The all-new RF-1400 has an additional amount of ventilation and a much easier way to open and close the front vent. Not only that, there is also almost 50% more exhaust ventilation in the helmet.

With the Shoei RF-1400, you will drive without being disturbed by any noise. Shoei has designed the helmet to be as quiet as possible by covering as much wind as possible coming from below. A big reason for this is the chin skirt. Helmets come with clear guards, but you can also buy colored ones. Although the visor is quite dark in color, you can easily wear your own color if you need an extra layer of color.

The Shoei RF-1400 has received a fantastic upgrade in terms of aerodynamic performance. With a compact and aerodynamic shell shape and an integrated spoiler, this helmet reduces the force placed on your head. Also, the helmet has a more rounded or neutral bias to a medium oval shape.

The aesthetics of this helmet stands out, and with a variety of useful features, this motorcycle helmet is certainly in demand even though it is priced at an exorbitant price.


  • High quality materials and build
  • Amazing appearance
  • Probably the quietest full-face helmet
  • Better ventilation than most helmets
  • Wide field of view and efficient shielding


  • Bluetooth device users need a Shoei mount to attach their device
  • Slightly heavier than some competing helmets


Every motorcycle helmet brings something unique to the table, which means you are unlikely to get a product that has universal applications. It is important to remember that a helmet is a protective device.

Therefore, you should invest more in features that enhance the defensive properties of the unit. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, try to list all the factors that can make traveling that much more enjoyable for you.

All the helmets mentioned in this list certainly provide excellent performance and will keep you out of danger in the event of a breakdown.

I hope you can enjoy reading my review article about best helmet in 2022, thank you

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