Almost a Power Wagon: 2023 Ram 2500 HD Rebel

Almost a Power Wagon: 2023 Ram 2500 HD Rebel

  • The 2023 Ram 2500 HD Rebel starts at $67,045 plus a $1,895 delivery fee.
  • It features some off-road gear from the legendary Power Wagon and one option the Wagon doesn’t have — diesel power.

It’s big truck week in America, and Ram is the rebel in the fight.

There was no official announcement or advanced planning of an event. But all three of America’s largest makers of trucks have made big announcements about the future of their heavy-duty pickups this week.

Ford unveiled an all-new, wheels-up redesign of its Super Duty truck for the 2023 model year. Chevrolet came close to that, raising the curtain on an extensive refresh of its Silverado HD for 2024.

Now, Ram has made news of its own. It’s less extensive than the Ford and Chevy announcements. But for Mopar loyalists, it’s just as exciting.

The 2023 Ram 2500 HD Rebel in desert testing

Ram sells every Power Wagon it can produce — often before they leave the factory — but supply chain problems mean it can’t build more. So the company has done the next best thing, designing a second off-road-oriented heavy-duty pickup for the 2023 model year.

The 2023 Ram 2500 HD Rebel may be a touch less capable off-road than the fabled Power Wagon, but it’s a more capable truck in other ways. It can tow up to 16,870 pounds, embarrassing the Power Wagon by more than 6,000 pounds.

The Rebel comes in just one configuration — a crew cab with a 76-inch bed.

It’s also available with a diesel powerplant. The Rebel comes with a 410-horsepower 6.4-liter Hemi V8 or a 370-horsepower Cummins turbodiesel inline-6-cylinder engine.

It starts at $67,045, plus a $1,895 destination fee — among the highest delivery fees in the industry. Ram hasn’t provided pricing details beyond that.

Slotting between the Laramie and Power Wagon in the Ram HD lineup, it offers some off-road gear other Rams don’t get, but not the Wagon’s full kit. A five-link coilover rear suspension with optional air adjustment helps it handle rough trails, though it lacks the Power Wagon’s detachable front sway bar and locking front differential.

It wears the Power Wagon’s all-black grille. Scratch-resistant black cladding covers all of the lower body panels. It rides on 33-inch off-road tires and protects the fuel tank and transfer case with skid plates.

The Rebel offers three seat-covering options: a cloth bench or bucket seats, a Bristol leather bench or bucket seats, and full Natura Plus leather bucket seats. Standard surround view cameras display on the 12-inch digital screen.

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