Brand-new Tata Nexon crashes into parked motorcycles, almost topples [Video]

Brand-new Tata Nexon crashes into parked motorcycles, almost topples [Video]

A video of a brand-new Tata Nexon entering a society complex and then the driver losing control of the car has become viral on the Internet. The video from Mumbai has become the talking point of many.

The video shows a Tata Nexon taking a left turn to enter the society complex. The guard opens the gate to make way for the Nexon. The Nexon decorated with garlands and flowers enters the compound. However, it seems like the driver lost control soon after that.

The video footage taken from a CCTV of the building complex shows the Nexon being driven uncontrollably over the parked motorcycles. There were several motorcycles parked adjacent to the way. The Nexon’s left wheels get on the parked motorcycles and almost cause the car to topple.

The video shows that Nexon managed to remain on all four wheels. The driver, however, seems like an amateur and we can see in the video that he tried to get his hand out of the window in anticipation to stop the rollover of the vehicle. It is a rookie mistake and most people who are starting to do off-roading do similar actions in an attempt to stop similar rollovers. However, such attempts can cause serious injuries. Occupants of any vehicle are expected to keep themselves and their limbs inside the vehicle when it is moving.

Confused between accelerator and brake

How did the accident happen? Well, there are no exact details of the same. However, many new drivers get confused between accelerator and brake and can force themselves into such mistakes.

Only a few months ago, a confused customer pressed the accelerator instead of the brake and the car fell from the 1st floor of the showroom. The incident happened at Select Cars, which is an authorized dealership of Tata Motors. It is one of the biggest showrooms located at the Alkapuri Cross Road, Nagole Colony in Hyderabad.

There were two customers inside the vehicle at the time of the accident and both of them reported minor injuries. Both customers were admitted to a hospital and then released later.

To avoid such accidents, it is important to know the correct use of controls – accelerator, brake and clutch – and have an idea about the surface on which the car is moving. Usually, due to slippery surfaces too, such accidents happen. However, one must be sure about the grip and speed of the vehicle on the surface to avoid loss of control even while driving at low speeds.

There are many new drivers who get confused between the pedals. The only way around is to practice more and concentrate while driving. In the past, many such confused drivers have caused accidents. While this accident did not injure or hurt anyone, in many cases such confusion can lead to massive accidents.

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