Just saw the finished G87 M2

Just saw the finished G87 M2

Hey all
just spent about 40 minutes with the BMW reps at the Motorclassica show in Melbourne Australia going over the M2.

Im fortunate to do quite a lot of work with BMW in Australia so was able to get a fairly unfiltered and private look at the car.

No photos sorry as phones had to be stored before entering, ill do my best to explain what i saw, and feel free to ask questions if I leave anything out.

Ill start by saing that the leaked photos are real – There are no side vents or badging on this M2, or any other body parts that havent been revealed yet. Mirror caps are also indeed body colour.

They have definately gone for a more “angular” design with the front and rear end, the car has a lot of body line creases and quite a pronoucned and blocky front appearance on teh front bar (exactly like the leak from the other day with the 2 guys standing next to it.)
You can see they have tried to marry this with the bulky rear end bumper.

The side sills and the flared front and rear wheel arches are the most impressive thing of the design for me, they are nice and chunky. Definately a missed opportuntiy for BMW to not have a “feature” vent to the rear of the front wheel arches.

There is a boot lip spoiler (body coloured) that is similar to the previous F8x generation.

Front Grills are stretched quite a long way across the front end and are set back off the bodywork, like the M3 and M4. The front headlights are only single lamp not double, which is probably the thing i dislike most about the car to be honest

The Zandvoort Blue is a very very powdery blue, think the lightest shade of Yas Marina. Its lighter even that Hyundai performance blue. I dont think its a great hero colour for the car, and i do think the car will look better in other colours.

Inside, you will find idrive 8 as we all know, and also got to sit in and look at the carbon buckets, the carbon buckets are black with m colour striping throughout. They are the same seat as M3/M4 but in an M2 specific design. What is different however is the leather finish, they didnt feel like merino.

ON the broader interior, you can notice more decontenting from the M3 and M4 in terms of door trims and dash, which is soft plastics or sensatec pieces, rather than leather.

The tri colour “m” graphic on the inner door cards that is on the G42 M240i is also on the M2. Rear seat area almost identical to F87 M2.

Steering wheel is identical to M3 and M4 and the car still has M1 and M2 buttons.

Wheels were the matt black 826M in a staggered 19/20 setup (again see the theme here, same as M3 and M4) with other finishes also available on launch.

Weight wise, the rep said to expect about 1650kg (roughly 3630 lbs) for the manual. Brakes are same 6 pot front/floating rear caliper as the G8x. S58 is also the same, but different engine map.
EDIT – BMW AU just confirmed 335kw (450 hp). will add torque when i know.

It does look better in person – and this is definately a different M2 than the one that preceeded it both in terms of design and capability – and thats OK. Up to the market now to decide but IMO it will grow on people quickly – and they will sell – make no mistake about that.

If i have left anything out or want me to comment on anything else, let me know.


The rear end is again, angular, and will be the most polarising part for most people.

I think with the wider body, the lights are no longer an issue for me, but that could be because I was distracted by the blocks below each rear light lol

The leaks make the section above the exhausts look a bit bare and unfinished, but in person that part looked fine, its the boxyness of bodywork to the left and right of the exhaust trim finishes that are going to be the polarising part for most people.

Ill also add the front and rear sensors feel like they are a bit of an afterthought, where they had to adjust the shape of the rear reflector housing to fit a larger, round, sensor in.

The front end also has square overhangs in the left and right intake ducts that house the sensors. They definately could have done better with the integration here.


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Any confirmation on available colors?

Please dont take as confirmation, but:
– Zandvoort Blue
– Toronto Red
– Brooklyn Grey
– Black Sapphire Metallic
– Alpine White

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