Keep your hands safe while riding with the best motorcycle gloves

Keep your hands safe while riding with the best motorcycle gloves

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Get your hands on the top-rated motorcycle gloves of 2022 by checking out our picks, and then take a look at our buying guide to learn more. Whether you’re a novice or an expert motorcycle rider, we can all agree on one thing – safety first. Protecting your hands is an essential part of that motto that can help you avoid injury and also give you a better riding experience. Similar to helmets, motorcycle gloves are a must-have to ensure your short-term and long-term safety.

A solid pair of motorcycle gloves should be comfortable while at the same time offering you a high level of protection. You’ll want them to feel good on your hands, whether you’re on the road or taking a break from riding, while also keeping you safe from anything that comes your way. But, it can be tough to decide which gloves are right for you. In this buying guide, we’ll take a look at some important things to consider when shopping for motorcycle gloves and review the top choices of 2022 so that you can easily select the right pair.

Detailing our favorite motorcycle gloves of 2022

ILM Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves: Recommended

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Are you looking for a pair of comfortable and fashionable motorcycle gloves to enhance your riding experience? These fit the bill! With hard knuckle protection, anti-slip property, and adjustable cuffs, these ILM motorcycle gloves offer complete protection for your joints and fingers. They have an arched protection mechanism that’s coupled with steel-hard knuckles to protect your hands in case of accidents or collisions, and their palms are designed with non-slip 3D plastic for a full range of grasping. These motorcycle gloves are versatile, and you can even use your cell phone while wearing them thanks to the index finger’s embedded touchscreen capability. Whether you’ll be wearing these while riding a motorcycle, some other kind of vehicle, or even while camping, these gloves have got you covered.


  • Hand arch provides an easier fit

  • Designed for ergonomic use

  • Excellent protection for hands

  • Touchscreen-capable index finger 


COFIT Motorcycle Gloves: Easily adjustable

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If you want to ride your motorcycle in style and stay protected while doing it, try these COFIT motorcycle gloves on for size. These versatile gloves are great for riding motorcycles and other motor vehicles, and you can even use them while skating or climbing to make sure your fingers stay safe no matter your chosen activity. These motorcycle gloves offer a palm pad and knuckle protection so that you can stay focused on your ride without having to worry about your safety. Their breathable polyester design ensures a healthy airflow so that your hands don’t get sweaty in the summer, and the manufacturer states that they’re suited for 50 to 95°F temperatures. The gloves have a Velcro fastening that you can easily adjust for a great fit, and this also makes it easier to put them on and take them off after a long day of riding.


  • Many sizes and colors are available

  • Excellent grip for multipurpose use 

  • Maximum knuckle protection 

  • Responsive customer support


Superbike Leather Motorcycle Gloves: Another great option

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Designed for riders who love to look good and ride fast, these full-finger motorcycle gloves from Superbike can offer your hands complete protection. These gloves are great for both men and women, and the manufacturers suggest women purchase a size or two smaller on the size chart to get a good fit, which can ultimately lead to a better riding experience. The knuckles of these motorcycle gloves are composed of hard plastic and the fingers have foam padding to keep you safe in case of an accident. The fingers are also touchscreen-friendly, which means you won’t have to take your gloves off to make a call, send a text or just scroll through your phone. These gloves are made of genuine goatskin leather, a lightweight material known for its flexibility, durability, and softness. If you take proper care to maintain them, these gloves should be on the road for a long time.


  • Lightweight, durable design

  • Buckle included clipping gloves together

  • Great for both men and women

  • Soft and flexible, they feel good 


Fox Racing DIRTPAW Motorcycle Gloves: Versatile

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A padded palm, armored knuckles, and flex-point comfort are just a few of the features you’ll get with these Fox Racing motorcycle gloves. Designed with entry-level riders in mind, these gloves offer solid comfort and knuckle protection. Their thin fabric makes it easy to grab things, and they’ve also garnered the reputation of being a durable and long-lasting pair of gloves. These motorcycle gloves are made from a blend of high-quality materials, including polyamide-nylon, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, and neoprene. The neoprene is used in the compression-molded cuff, ensuring a secure fit and high performance without the high cost that comes attached to other gloves. These gloves also have a hook and loop closure, with built-in stretchability that gives you a tight fit without sacrificing dexterity. The fingertips have a silicone print that offers a solid lever grip, and they’re also touchscreen compatible.


  • Premium gloves at a non-premium price

  • Durable padding offers better mobility

  • Use your phone with these gloves on

  • Several color choices are available


Alpinestars Motorcycle Gloves: Also consider

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Made of premium leather, these Alpinestars gloves are the epitome of style and functionality. They have a mesh chassis construction in addition to air mesh and strategic perforation zones, which gives you superior breathability so that you won’t have to worry about your hands sweating while you’re on your bike. The side padding and synthetic suede zones strengthen the durability of these motorcycle gloves while also providing comfort and abrasion resistance. The hard polymer embedded in the knuckles protects your fingers in case of a hard impact, and these gloves have a hook and loop wrist closure to help make sure you get the right fit.


  • Stretchy fingers offer solid mobility

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Durable design, resistant to wear and tear 

  • Great fit provides a solid grip


Buyer’s guide for finding motorcycle gloves

With a wide range of styles and brands available, it can be challenging to decide which pair of motorcycle gloves will be a good fit for you (no pun intended). Before you go ahead and click on “add to cart,” take a minute to learn a little more about motorcycle gloves so that you can make an informed buying decision and ride with confidence. These tips can help you find a pair of motorcycle gloves in 2022:

What’s your preferred style?

When choosing your biking accessories, the first thing you need to consider is where you intend to ride. The safety requirements for rigorous off-roading are far higher than low-speed commuting around town, and because of this the gloves you’d want to wear in both situations would be different — this is why it’s important to understand your needs to buy the right pair of gloves. 

If you’re having trouble figuring it out, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Will I be riding at high speeds? 

  • Will I be hitting the highways or just city streets?

  • Do I plan to go off-roading?

  • Do I need a full range of mobility to operate my motorcycle controls?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can decide which of the following motorcycle glove styles is right for you:

Sport gloves

These are the most technically designed gloves that are capable of handling abrasions and impacts caused by high speed. You’ll usually find these gloves in thick textile or leather materials and carbon fiber, metal, or plastic armor. The high-impact areas in sports gloves have extra padding or TPU armor, and they’re available in a short cuff or gauntlet style.

Sports gloves have better perforation and ventilation, which makes them breathable and suitable for the summer. Some are even waterproof, meaning it won’t be a problem if you’re out riding and end up getting caught in a surprise rain shower.

Cruiser gloves

This is the most common and widely available style of motorcycle gloves. You’ll find these gloves in leather, usually with little or no armor or padding, and this is because these gloves’ primary purpose is to offer comfort while ensuring protection against abrasions. Some gloves have gel padding in the palm to further enhance the comfort level and reduce vibration absorbed by the hands, and they’re available in the short cuff or mid-length styles.

Fingerless gloves

Many cruiser riders prefer this style, and if you can’t tell by the name, the fingers of these gloves are cut off from the knuckles. Some riders like this style because it offers convenience and an extended range of motion, as the exposed fingers let them feel the levers, which is important for some to get a good biking experience. The drawback of these gloves is that they leave your fingers unprotected, and they also don’t have padding or armor — protection-wise, there are better choices out there.

Look at the stitching

Stitching is something that may not be instantly noticeable, but it impacts gloves’ durability and comfort level. If not placed well, stitching present on the inside of gloves can irritate the wearer and disrupt their concentration while on the road. To avoid this, many companies have switched to placing stitching on the outside, and any stitching should be sturdy and high-quality — if it’s not, the gloves could practically fall apart after their initial use.

Try to look for gloves that are made of high-tensile strength threads, as these can endure more abuse and abrasion. Double- or triple-stitched gloves are also a feature that should be on your checklist.

The right size and fit

This may seem obvious, but some people end up buying gloves a size up or down. Your gloves should fit perfectly, giving you enough room for your fingers to move around and operate your motorcycle. If you get gloves that are too restrictive, you’ll have trouble using the clutch or adjusting the mirror. If you get gloves that are too loose, you’ll constantly be worrying about keeping them in place. 

If you’re ordering online, take your motorcycle gloves on a trial run to ensure that they fit perfectly and you can easily operate your motorcycle wearing them. It may take you a little time to adjust to the feel of your new gloves, but once you get used to them you’ll see their value.

Motorcycle Gloves FAQs

Q: Do I need motorcycle gloves if I’m riding for 3 to 4 hours?

Yes, if you’re spending three hours on average on the road, then you need to wear gloves to ensure the protection of your hands. Short trips, which extend to 20-30 mins, may not necessarily require gloves, but it’s a good idea to wear them as accidents can occur at any time.

Q: Which type of gloves should I get if my normal riding style is cruising?

If you’re not a fast-speed rider and like to take it easy on the bike, then simple, traditional gloves can do you good. Try some leather ones, as these are functional and sport a cool look. If you instead have a need for speed and like to go fast, you should go full-on protection mode and get armor and carbon gloves. You know yourself better than we do, so try to decide which kind of rider you are and get the gloves that suit your style.

Q: What should my budget be for these motorcycle accessories?

You’ll find different styles and quality levels of motorcycle gloves in different price ranges. If you’re a beginner, go for ones that offer maximum comfort and safety within your budget. Remember that the whole reason you’re getting gloves is to ensure safety, so your investment should fulfill this purpose. You should be able to get a solid pair of gloves without spending too much money, but the higher your budget, the better — and more protective — the gloves in these price ranges will likely be.

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