KTM’s 2024 enduro bike appears just three months after …

KTM’s 2024 enduro bike appears just three months after …

KTM’s 2024 enduro machine was spotted at the final round of the KTM Trophy recently. 

It was only just a few months ago that KTM launched its 2023 enduro range of two- and four-strokes. This year’s range included special editions dedicated to the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE). 

But, despite the recency of the launch of the 2023 model year range, KTM has already rolled out the early versions of one of its 2024 enduro bikes. 
Moto.it reports that the 2024 enduro from KTM was present at the final round of the Enduro KTM Trophy, and seems to be derived from the 2023 model year KTM SX motocross range. 

That motocross range featured the latest suspension from WP (which are currently offering a finance deal on their Pro Components until the end of the year), new EFI for the two-strokes and changes to the engine and chassis. 

There are a couple of ways to look at this, one of which is relevant quite specifically to the 2023 KTM SX range. 

But, the first angle is one which Moto.it explored. That the proximity of the 2024’s public debut to the launch of the 2023 model year can be a cause of frustration for those who have bought a 2023 KTM enduro. Particularly for a prototype (the ‘24) which seems to differ quite significantly from the 2023 model, bringing it out into the open so soon after the ‘23 launch is a risk for the Austrian brand. 

On the other hand – and this is the part that pertains specifically to the 2023 KTM SX range – the Austrians’ ‘23 motocross range has not exactly been a straightforward one to figure out. 

In the US, Cooper Webb started well in 450 Supercross, but after a podium at Anaheim 1 he only made it onto the box twice more: in Minneapolis and Daytona. There was more to it for Webb than simply the bike, but it played its role, and surely Aaron Plessinger’s struggles in adapting after his switch from Yamaha over the winter have been exaggerated by a complicated motorcycle. 

Marvin Musquin was the shining light for KTM in 2022 450 AMA Supercross, and he won the Triple Crown in St. Louis. But, he also had terrible races where he struggled to be in the top 10. 

On the Husqvarna side of things, Dean Wilson was never able to show the speed he felt he had on the practice track when it came to a Saturday night, and then he injured himself out of the season in St. Louis. Malcolm Stewart hurt himself that night in St. Louis, too, injuring his knee. Before that, he had consistently banged on the door of a maiden 450SX win, but the first races were complicated, particularly San Diego.

In the 250 classes, the GasGas riders Michael Mosiman (250SX West) and Pierce Brown (250SX East) regularly out-performed their Husqvarna counterparts. Mosiman won his first race in San Diego, for example, and Pierce Brown beat RJ Hampshire in three of the first four 250SX East races. 

The important thing there is that GasGas were forced to run their 2022 bike rather than the 2023, because of the production rule in AMA racing. (Obviously, GasGas and Husqvarna are their own brands, but they race and sell re-badged and re-painted KTMs.)

Then there was KTM’s sole 250SX rider, Max Vohland, who had a terrible supercross season. He ended the season at the bottom of the 41-rider points standings, and was unable to qualify for the night show at the Atlanta East-West Showdown. 

As a result of this, if the 2024 KTM enduro will be using the 2023 KTM motocross bike as a base, and considering how complicated it was at the start of the year to get that bike dialled in, it would be understandable if KTM wanted to get as much early running in on the new enduro as possible, so that come 2023 the bike is more prepared than the motocross bike this year. 

At the same time, frustration from KTM’s 2023 enduro customers is equally understandable.

Images of 2024 KTM enduro courtesy of Moto.it.

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