M4 CSL & KW V5 (incl. development and testing at KW)

M4 CSL & KW V5 (incl. development and testing at KW)


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Here’s my take on this why would you purchase $140,000 car that Bmw spent who knows how many hours road testing this car to get the suspension dialed in perfectly. Do you think that KW is going to do a better job by throwing the car on a machine and building some lowering springs. I’m sorry guys but if you think that throwing lowering springs on your car is gonna make your car handle better you are not very smart my friend. I don’t know why people seem to think after market is always better it’s not you’re paying for the fact that they brainwash you into thinking you need to lower your car to make it look good. The new Porsche GT3 RS you have to be an absolute crazy person to mess with the suspension on that car Porsche already has lowered it from the factory and it has in car adjustability…. Stop buying M CARS putting lowering springs on them and ruining the suspension and then trade in the car again with jacked up suspension system..

You either didn’t watch the video or don’t know much about KW…

This is an F1 testing machine. He is not putting some lowering springs on it, but basically a GT4 car suspension optimized for track use. They btw are building the suspension for the GT4 for BMW and work very closely with BMW overall. The test machine that KW has its borrowed by manufacturers for testing…so they know very well what they do…they are building specialized suspensions for some decades now, and only that. You overweight the M and car manufacturers…they build a new car in about 4 years in everything that is involved in building a car and do it great. KW spends a year in building a suspension for a car to optimse for specific applications…
And car manufacturers often do not build suspensions themself, they let them build for their cars, and guess who makes them? Why should they, if there are companies specialized in all those topics.

And, he wants to make the car even quicker on his personal racetrack…he did a timed lap stock and will do another one when suspension is done, so soon you gonna see if its quicker or not. That is the cool thing with JP, he tests his mods with all cars to see if there is improvement or not

And he owns and owned some more expensive cars than this, McLarens, GT3, GT3RS just ordered, and all get mods, some more, some less. That’s what his business and channel is for

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