Need a grab & go bike bag? The Tunitas Carryall Basket Tote 137 hauls it all

Need a grab & go bike bag? The Tunitas Carryall Basket Tote 137 hauls it all

Hey kids! Do you like bikes and bags? Yeah? Well, today is your lucky day, ’cause I would like to share my review of Tunitas Carryall’s Basket Tote 137 with you! I’m not sure if you saw it, but it was lurking in the background of my #coffeeoutside post… if you recall.

So, first, let me start by telling you that I love bikes and bags. I love everything they represent, like the freedom to carry just about whatever you want on your bike – like stuff for #coffeeoutside, groceries, your laptop and snacks for a mobile office session, or even some gear to camp on a quick S24O (sub-24-hour overnighter).

To me, bike bags can also represent shopping small. Patronizing the smaller companies that really think out of the box on design and ideology. I like the way they look, the materials and colors they use, and the inventive designs.

A lot of the bags I’ve bought in the past, I buy from some small cottage industry brands. Cottage industry brands are tiny brands that are generally operated solely by a single person. Some of these talented individuals would include Laura at Soul Run, Ely at Ruth Works SF, and Randi Jo at Randi Jo Fabrications, just to name a few.

It doesn’t hurt that all of the bag companies mentioned here are run by cyclists making stuff for cyclists… it’s like a cherry on an already delicious sundae.

Most recently, I’ve been fortunate to come across Tunitas Carryall. Another small company, individually owned and operated by cyclist Jessica Chan. Jessica has a degree in Industrial Design and worked as a designer for other companies for several years prior to starting her own gig. She says she loves cycling, nature, and designing and making quality goods. She also individually designs and sews everything herself in San Francisco, California.

Jessica says on the Tunitas Carryall website, that “Whether doing long rides, multi-day excursions, shredding trails, or simply cruising around town, I’ve got you covered for your everyday adventure.”

Tunitas Carryall Basket bag in the X10 Cotton material

I discovered Tunitas Carryall in a print ad while reading a great little independent cycling magazine called Calling In Sick. The ad was for the Tunitas Carryall Basket Bag. I thought it looked really nice and was reasonably priced, so I bought it for my Rivendell Clem Smith Jr.

I think it is one of the best basket bags out there. But, there was one feature I thought it lacked; it wasn’t great for use off of the bike, to carry with you in the store.

I run a lot of errands to the grocery store on my Clem and there are many occasions when I can’t carry all of the individual items I just bought, out to my bike. So, I end up using a grocery bag to carry it all out there, only to empty the contents of the bag into my bike bag or place the grocery bag directly into my bike bag. Both of these options waste the grocery bag, adding another unnecessary item to the trash or landfill.

But then Jessica announced a new bag…

In comes the Tunitas Basket Tote 137!

Tunitas Basket Tote on the ride home

Tunitas Basket Tote 137 on the go!

Tunitias Basket Tote front pocket

Tunitas Basket Tote 137 uses the handles to attach to the basket. Also, nice big front zippered pocket.

The Basket Tote 137 is a classic zippered tote, made to fit perfectly in the Wald 137 size basket. It uses a snap hook at one end of the included handles. To easily attach and remove the Basket Tote 137 from your basket, simply unlatch the snap hook, allowing you to fish the adjustable handle through the basket. This kept the bag in place for me whether it was fully loaded or just had a few light things in it. Simple.

Tunitias Basket Tote side pocket

Tunitas Basket Tote 137 side pocket.

The bag has two large side pockets for the other items you’d like to stuff inside. These side pockets are deep enough to hold a Mini U-lock, which I always keep on one side.

Tunitias Basket Tote side pocket water bottle

Tunitas Basket Tote 137 side pocket water bottle

I also carry in these side pockets, the occasional bandana for hotter rides, my North St. Ankle Strap for commutes in long pants, and the occasional water bottle for times that I will be away from the bike for a while, or when I bring the bag on a road trip in the car.

It’s a super versatile bag that isn’t limited to being used only on a bicycle.

Tunitas Basket Tote inside pockets

Tunitas Basket Tote 137 has a few inside pockets. Also, my Macbook Air “fits” in the bag.

The inside of the bag also sports some more pockets for additional organization. I usually keep my phone, laptop charger, and any other little thing I want to keep either out of sight or could be at risk of falling out.

In the picture above you see my Macbook Air “kind of” fitting in the Basket Tote. It doesn’t fit flat to the bottom, but instead with one side lifted and resting on the side of the basket. This isn’t the fault of the bag, it’s the tapered design of the Wald baskets that causes this. If there were items under my laptop, lifting it a little, it would fit flat, but in an empty-ish bag, it sits higher on one end. Not a big deal for me, I bring my laptop on my bike quite often for remote work sessions.

Let’s take it Shopping

Tunitas Basket Tote at Sprouts Large

Tunitas Basket Tote at Sprouts.

You can see in the picture above that the Tote 137 doesn’t really look like a bike bag while walking around the store.

Tunitas Basket Tote at Sprouts 2

Totin’ the Tote 137.

The way this bag is designed makes for a seamless on/off bike scenario. The straps are adjustable enough to be able to sling it up on your shoulder if that works better for you. Remember, I said it was versatile?

Tunitas Basket Tote on the belt

On the belt…

Tunitas Basket Tote 137 in Wald 137 basket

Basket Tote 137, full with room to spare. Just latch the handle to the basket and it’s time to ride home.

Here’s a quick view of the features of the Tunitas Basket Tote 137

-Made to fit in the classic Wald 137 basket
-Double zippered on the main compartment
-Side pockets
-Exterior zippered pocket
-Interior organization pockets
-Adjustable length handles
-Padded foam bottom
– D-rings for a shoulder strap (shoulder strap sold separately)

In Conclusion

The Tunitas Basket Tote 137 is a great little bag that I would recommend to anyone, like me, that likes to ride their bike to run errands and needs a bag to shop with while off the bike. I like the fact that it can be used for all kinds of applications that call for a well-built, quality tote to carry your goods or sundries. It is not just for the bike either. My wife used it to go work remotely by the pool, carrying everything she needed. That’s the kind of versatility that rocks my world.

I’ve used this tote countless times in the time that I’ve had it, and it’s worth mentioning that it now stays on my Clem 24/7. Cheers and congrats to Jessica for designing, and building such great, high-quality products like the Basket Tote 137.  They are reasonably priced and look to be built with a quality that will last for a very long time.

I’ll be coming back for more!

Retail: $125

-Dimensions: 13”w x 8.5”d x 14”h, 18.5” for the main zipper opening.
-1000D Cordura exterior, with 420d packcloth liner, and YKK zippers.

Check out all of Jessica’s creations by hitting the link below!

Need a grab & go bike bag? The Tunitas Carryall Basket Tote 137 hauls it all

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