Royal Enfield Himalayan 462cc Delivers 34 Hp

Royal Enfield Himalayan 462cc Delivers 34 Hp

A trusty off-roader, Himalayan gets all the better with tons of aftermarket components added in this customization project

Royal Enfield Himalayan 462cc

On journeys that require both cruising and off-roading capabilities, one of the most affordable options is Royal Enfield Himalayan. Even for hardcore enthusiasts who may find Himalayan a bit lacking in performance, the bike doesn’t disappoint, as it can be easily upgraded owing to its simple architecture.

In a recent example, YouTuber Motos Cades & Coffee has come up with some major modifications on his 2019 Himalayan. The bike has been upgraded to make the 1,000+ mile ride from Maryland (US) to Prince Edward Island (Canada) a lot more fun and comfortable. While Himalayan could have attempted this journey in its stock form, the upgraded customized version seems more apt for this trip.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 462cc – 34 HP, 80 mph cruising

This customization project focuses on achieving the best of both worlds, i.e., agility and high speed cruising power along with ample torque to conquer challenging off-road tracks. With the use of multiple aftermarket components, this customized Himalayan delivers around 34 horsepower. That’s a good 10 hp more than the stock version that makes 24.3 bhp and 32 Nm. This customized Himalayan could be pretty close to matching the performance of upcoming Himalayan 450.

List of upgrades using aftermarket components is pretty long. It must have taken several days for getting everything up and running in a synchronized manner. Modified Himalayan has already been taken on road tests and performance is way better than the stock version.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 462cc can quickly reach cruising speed of 80 miles per hour (129 kmph) and sustain that without any issues. The bike will be put to even more gruelling tests to find its ultimate endurance limit.

Upgrades for 34hp Himalayan

A number of components come from Hitchcocks Motorcycles, for example, 462 cc Big Bore Kit, performance camshaft and Straight Flow Air Intake. The big bore kit comprises a new, larger cylinder barrel with English made forged piston. It is designed to fit Himalayan’s crankcase and does not require any machining. What the big bore kit essentially does is that it converts the stock 411 cc Himalayan to 462 cc.

Hitchcocks performance camshaft works to maximise performance, all while remaining within the limits of standard ECU parameters. It is available for both Himalayan as well as Scram. For bikes with carburettor, the performance camshaft may require some manual fine tuning. Other upgrades for the bike include K&N Open Air element filter that has been used in combination with Hitchcocks Straight Flow Air Intake. These allow improved air flow, which in turn boosts performance.

Another key upgrade is Powertronic custom and tuneable ECU system. It delivers a range of benefits such as smooth power delivery, quicker throttle response and enhanced power output. Powertronic ECU has been dyno-tested for delivering increased power output of 3-5 bhp. Other modifications include Powertronic FuelX Autotune Pro, PowerRage slip-on exhaust, heavy duty clutch and clutch springs, 15-tooth front sprocket and heavy duty DID chain and rear sprocket.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 462cc Delivers 34 Hp – 129 Kmph Cruising Speed

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