Stay dry while riding with the best motorcycle rain gear

Stay dry while riding with the best motorcycle rain gear

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The right gear is essential to keep you safe while riding in the rain. We reviewed our favorite motorcycle rain gear of 2022 just for you. Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience. The wind in your hair as you sail down the road, warm sunbeams shining on your face — bliss. But what happens when a storm suddenly catches up with you? Well, it’s a good idea to invest in high-quality rain gear to prepare for such situations.

Motorcycle rain gear can come in the form of waterproof boots to keep your feet dry or windbreakers that shield you from rainy gusts of wind. No matter what kind of gear it is, though, these things can help keep you warm and dry during extreme wet weather. But before you decide to go all-in, you’ll have to narrow down your options to ones that fit your style preference and criteria. Without further ado, here’s our review of the top motorcycle rain gear in 2022.

Here are the top motorcycle rain gears of 2022

Viking Motorcycle Rain Gear Set: Our pick

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If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast that’s looking for style and functionality, the Viking Motorcycle Rain Gear might just be what’s missing from your life. Waterproof, windproof, and boasting 360-degree reflective panels, this rain gear set can help you reach your destination safe and dry. The reflective panels are a great touch, and these panels on the front and back of the gear will make you visible to other motorists for added safety. This motorcycle rain gear includes additional features such as heat shields on the calf areas, an elastic hem waist for a snug fit, and removable stirrups. It also incorporates 100 percent 600D polyester coated with polyurethane (PU) fabric to make the gear anti-sag, anti-wrinkle, and water- and wind-resistant. Its impressive fabric and safety features have earned this motorcycle gear the top spot on our list.


  • Features reflective safety panels

  • Anti-sag, anti-wrinkle design

  • Strong PU fabric construction 


Nelson-Rigg Motorcycle Rain Gear Set: Another great option

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Riding in the rain doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this Nelson-Rigg two-piece waterproof rain suit. It boasts a soft corduroy inner lining underneath the collar for superior comfort plus cooling vents under each arm to provide you with enough ventilation. The jacket has a full-length zipper with self-fastening storm flaps, and both the jacket and pants have reflective accents all over for increased visibility. The pants included in this motorcycle rain gear set feature an elastic waistband for proper fittings and boot stirrups to prevent the pants from riding up. A 17-inch zip gusset allows you to pull the suit over your boots easily, but this rain gear doesn’t come with suspenders, so keep that in mind. This motorcycle rain gear is available in several color combinations, including black on black, black, and high-visibility yellow as well as black and orange.


  • High-visibility reflective accents and colors

  • Two large outer pockets for carrying items

  • Cooling vents for enhanced ventilation


HWK Motorcycle Rain Gear Jacket: Versatile

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Rain or shine, this HWK motorcycle rain jacket will be right by your side. Thanks to its Reissa membrane this jacket is 100 percent waterproof, making it easier to ride in cold and clammy weather. This membrane features 600D Cordura fabric, a material with a neat trick up its sleeve — this fabric keeps you warm in cold weather, and cool in the summer. How nice is that? The versatility of this motorcycle rain gear’s material is thanks to both its air ventilation systems and detachable thermal lining that provides warmth in cold seasons. This motorcycle rain gear comes at a solid price for the high performance it offers, and if you decide to pick it up the sizing guide indicates that it’s a good idea to size up or down depending on whether you like a tight or baggy fit.


  • Versatile, dual-nature design

  • Multiple zippered pockets to keep items safe

  • Five-year replacement warranty


Sireck Motorcycle Rain Gear Mask: Comfort pick

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This Sireck motorcycle rain headgear will insulate and completely cover your head, neck, and face from the elements. With almost your entire face covered, this mask effectively blocks out any dust and moisture that you’ll likely face at high speeds while riding your bike through a storm. The mask’s mesh design also provides enhanced breathability, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it being too stuffy. This motorcycle rain gear mask is made of water-resistant material, so unless you’re in the eye of the storm you won’t have to worry about too much water leaking in. The mask’s stretchy fleece fabric helps the hood glide on like a second skin, so you can easily and comfortably wear it underneath your helmet. This black mask is great for riding, skiing, hiking, and many more activities, and it’s also unisex, making it a solid choice for all.


  • Stretchable, water-resistant fabric 

  • Warm fleece lining protects against the cold

  • Mesh design helps you breathe with ease


Timberland Motorcycle Rain Gear Boots: Premium pick

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The world-famous Timberland company is known for its high-quality, comfortable shoes, and these waterproof boots are another great choice to slip on your feet. Available in several colors (wheat, classic black, and dark or medium brown), these boots can offer you high-performance functionality with the nice bonus of a stylish look. They also boast a conventional lace-closure system that provides a snug fit, something you’ll want to have when it’s raining and there’s water flying everywhere. These motorcycle rain gear boots are tall, and they can adequately support your ankle and provide ample coverage which, if you’re a biker, you probably already know is super important. These boots are ideal for cross-terrain movement thanks to their rubber outsole that has multi-directional lugs to provide traction on slick surfaces, and they have an EVA midsole that incorporates lightweight foam material to cushion and absorb the shock of rough terrains.


  • Grippy, shock-absorbant outsole

  • Lightweight, supportive design

  • Provides a waterproof, snug fit


Buying guide: Motorcycle rain gear

Investing in high-quality motorcycle rain gear can go a long way if you’re a biking enthusiast, and can be great for those long rides. That’s why we put together this in-depth buying guide to help you find the top motorcycle gear in 2022 and make a solid, informed purchase.

Types of motorcycle rain gear

Here are the three main types of motorcycle rain gear that are available, and it can be a great idea to pick these up for your next ride:

Now that you know what they are, let’s take a closer look at these three types:

Motorcycle rain footwear

Adequate footwear with cushioned soles is vital for your comfort while riding a motorcycle, especially on long trips. Waterproof footwear makes for amazing rain gear by keeping your feet dry, and if you’ll be getting off your bike in rugged terrain you should consider footwear that also provides superior traction.

Motorcycle rain headwear 

Motorcycle rain headwear can keep your face dry and protected from cold winds on rainy days. We recommend opting for something with a mesh design for better breathability, and to stay warm during cold bursts of rain we recommend fleece-lined headgear. Your headpiece should also be made of a stretchable fabric so that you can easily wear it underneath your helmet.  

Motorcycle rain outerwear

Motorcycle rain outerwear often consists of a jacket or a pair of pants, both of which are made of waterproof material. Along with acting as a warm second layer, this outerwear also keeps your clothes underneath dry. High-quality motorcycle rain outwear can also have additional features like heat shields and cooling vents under the arms — the former protects your legs from the exhaust pipe’s hot emission while the latter allows for proper ventilation within the suit. 

What to look for when buying motorcycle rain gear

Now that you’re equipped with some in-depth knowledge about the different types of motorcycle rain gear, let’s take a look at some things you should consider while shopping for them:

Size and fit

Your motorcycle rain gear must fit you well. It needs to hit the sweet spot  large enough to be worn over your clothes, but not too large that it doesn’t offer a snug fit that keeps you warm. Anything too big will only get in your way, while tight, constricting attire can make your ride wildly uncomfortable.

Take your time reading the size guide. We also recommend going through some customer reviews that mention the gear’s overall fit and the accuracy of the sizing guide. Features like velcro pants cuffs, elasticated waistbands, boot stirrups and oversized zipper gussets all help enhance your gear’s fit and are worth keeping an eye out for.

Weather adaptability and comfort

We all know that motorcycle rain gear HAS to be waterproof, but why stop there? Many manufacturers incorporate additional features into their gear which can take everything up a notch. Look out for upgraded weather adaptability and comfort options like extra lining to keep you warm in cold weather or ventilation panels to keep you cool in hot weather. 

How much does motorcycle rain gear usually cost? Is it worth buying?

Depending on your needs, a two-piece set of motorcycle rain gear can usually cost you anywhere between $60 and $120. You can cut that price in half if you’re just looking for a jacket or a pair of rain pants. 

The price range of rain headgear starts at around $15 and can be upwards of $25. No motorcycle attire is complete without boots, and these can usually cost anywhere between $80 and $150. The variation in boot price will likely be due to the brand name as well as the materials that are used in making them. 

So, is it worth investing in high-quality motorcycle rain gear? Well, these articles of clothing can keep you warm and dry during the wettest of rides, and let’s not forget premium features like heat shields, removable stirrups, and storm flaps that can keep you a little more cozy on rainy rides.

Another important benefit of motorcycle rain gear is that any reflective panels or strips included on the gear allow OTHERS to see you. We all know how visibility is often obscured when it’s cloudy and rainy, and studies have shown that wearing reflective gear does lower the chance of being involved in an accident.

Tips for buying motorcycle rain gear

These next three things can help you make an informed decision while shopping for motorcycle rain gear: 

Heat-resistant panels 

When seated on your motorcycle, your legs are close to the hot exhaust pipe and engine. Make sure your motorcycle pants have heat-resistant panels to keep your legs safe. 

Storm flap 

Since you’re traveling at high speeds, the force with which rain splatters directly onto you can quickly ruin your jacket’s zippers. This is why your outerwear should have storm flaps, which are essentially zipper covers that shield your zippers from water hitting them directly. 


It’s also worth keeping an eye out for removable and adjustable stirrups in your rain gear. Stirrups are elastic straps that pass under your boots and connect to your pants. This nifty feature helps keep your pants in place, which stops them from riding up your legs and leaving you exposed to the elements. 

Motorcycle Rain Gear FAQs

Q: Which motorcycle rain gear should I get?

The Viking motorcycle rain gear is hands-down our top pick to accompany you and your bike on long rides. Its waterproof and windproof material repels water to keep you dry during a downpour, and this gear also has additional features like calf heat shields, velcro pants cuffs, adjustable zippered pants, an elastic hem, and an anti-sag design for a great fit. 

Q: What should you wear on a motorcycle in the rain? 

You should ideally wear a two-piece full-body coverage suit, consisting of a heavy-duty waterproof jacket and a pair of pants. Additional accessories like a balaclava mask, gloves, and waterproof boots can offer an even better riding experience in the rain.

Q: Is it smart to ride a motorcycle in the rain? 

It’s generally not recommended to do so, but if you have to ride in the rain you can follow specific steps to help avoid any mishaps. Make sure you wear waterproof gear that keeps you dry and warm, and also that your gear has reflective materials that will make you visible to other motorists around you.

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