The All New Trek Domane SLR eTap

The All New Trek Domane SLR eTap

Trek Bikes is known for taking innovation to the next level, and with their newly launched Domane SLR eTap, they might have taken this step to the next level. How did we come to know of this amazing bike? When Elisa Longo Borghini killed it at the 2022 Paris-Roubaix Femmes. Although there were rumors before that the new bike was going to be used, we just could not believe it.

I Spy Through My Little Eye 

When Elisa Longo was using the new Trek Domane SLR eTap to win the Paris-Roubaix Femmes, it was unclear if this was the updated bike. We only got to see glimpses of the bike and that was through the spy shots, there were rumors of an upgrade though. Just how amazing is this bike? We are thankful that we got to try out this bike and we are excited to share our impressions with you!

This is a gravel bike like none other and you have to ride it to believe it!


What Are The New Improvements?

Whenever a new bike launches, the first question that everyone has on their minds is that Why Should We Buy It? What’s New Here?

This is a very light bike as compared to the older models, and the design team made sure that the Domane SLR would more responsive than before, it also has better aerodynamic properties. The frame is definitely lighter, in fact, it is 700g lighter than the previous models.

The front and rear ISOSpeed also see a lot of change with this bike. The front ISOSpeed is not here this time and the rear one has gotten some modifications. 

The Trek Domane SLR that we got to try weighed 16.2 lbs and that is with the bottle cage installed along with a sealant. The tire clearance of the bike has also been updated, it is now 38mm.

Setting Up The New Bike

One of the best things about Trek Bikes is how they package and send their bikes, a lot of other manufacturers can learn from them. Everything from the box to the padding is reusable, you just have to take care of them. Opening your bike box for the first time can never get old or boring and it was the same case with this one.

The D-shaped seat post is certainly impressive and it is available in two lengths (280mm and 380mm, we got to try out the former). Both the lengths are very comfortable so there should be no problems with that.

Riding It For The First Time 

Riding a bike for the first time can never get dull, especially when you are trying out the all-new Domane SLR. We tried the bike on a regular road and some gravel to test performance, and the results were pretty exciting. This beast is fitted with 3200 Bontrager tires and Bontrager RSL 31 carbon wheels, we could not have asked for more!

On the road, this one felt like a smart mix between a cyclocross and road bike, it offers speed like none other. Although the H2 geometry feels less aggressive, the efficiency is still there. 

The Trek Domane SLR also takes advantage of the D-Shaped seaport and zero adjustability, the modified ISOSpeed also exhibits smooth road suspension. You won’t be able to feel the new ISOSpeed which is a big win, the bike also feels very responsive and smooth on every climb, especially when you have little bursts of speed. You can keep this bike going for a lot of hours, just be sure to take a look at your health.

Overall the results have been amazing so far and we can’t wait to jump back on the bike again. Look out for our detailed review which will be dropping soon!


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Featured Image Via Instagram/trekbikes

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