The best first bike for 4-year-old kids | Reviews

The best first bike for 4-year-old kids | Reviews

Most children are ready to start riding a pedal bike at around four-years-old, especially if they’ve been putting in the practice on a balance bike. Getting their first proper ‘grown-up’ bike is a huge milestone for your little one, and a memory that could last a lifetime. That’s why its so important to choose the best bike for 4-year-olds. We still remember getting our first bikes and the excitement that came with it!

We’ve shared everything you need to know about getting a bike for your four-year-old with our pick of the best that they’re sure to love.

What size bike does a four-year-old need?

Bike sizes for children are broken down by wheel size and can be found by measuring your child’s height. You can use the following from Halfords as a guide:

12-inch wheel: Children that are 98-112cm tall

14-inch wheel: Children that are 105-117cm tall

16-inch wheel: Children that are 112-127cm tall

Most bikes for four-year-olds will need a 14-inch or 16-inch wheel. However, if you’re unsure or caught between sizes, most bikes come with a handy age guide to help you find the right one for your four-year-old.

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Can a four-year-old ride a bike without stabilisers?

It’s at around four years old that your child will transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike, so we don’t expect them to have their balancing skills down just yet! For that reason, make sure to buy them a bike with stabilisers.

Children can learn to ride with two-wheels anytime between the ages of four and nine with practice and encouragement. That being said, your child may be a quick learner and master a two-wheeled bike in no time. If that’s the case, you can simply remove their stabilisers. Giving them the option will help them to build their confidence on the bike.

What to look for in a bike for four-year-olds

Alongside the wheel size and stabilisers, there are a few more features we’d recommend keeping an eye out for:


Once you’ve put your child on wheels, there’s no stopping them! So it’s no surprise that brakes are an absolute must. As well as having brakes, your child should be able to reach and operate them without struggle.


To keep your kid interested in learning to ride, it’s always best to choose a bike that they’ll love the look of. It could have bright colours, feature their favourite characters, or have fun accessories like tassle-ended handles and a basket for their soft toys. We can’t lie, this makes the shopping process pretty fun for parents too!


Once you’ve bought their bike, make sure that it’s comfortable for them to use. They’ll need to be able to sit in the saddle, reach the handlebars, and touch the pedals with their feet at the same time. It’s okay if they’re stretching a little as they’ll grow into it. But if it’s just out of reach, you should choose a smaller-sized bike. Thankfully, the wheel-to-height guide should make sure the feel is just right but it’s always worth checking.

Other accessories you should buy include a bell if it isn’t included on the bike, knee pads, and a helmet.

The best bike for 4-year-old

Pedal Pals Dragon Kids Mountain Bike

Best puncture-proof bike
Pedal Pals Dragon 12 inch Wheel Size Kids Mountain Bike

With a vibrant neon green dragon design, this bike will make little riders feel powerful soaring around the park. The EVA airless tyres mean no punctures to stop them in their tracks whilst the fully enclosed chain guard will keep curious fingers out of trouble. It comes with removeable stabilisers that can be easily taken off once they find their balance.

Wheel: 12-inch
Pros: Puncture-proof, adjustable seat and handlebars, engaging design, removeable stabilisers.
Cons: Some found the tyres to be a bit slippery on concrete surfaces, and a little difficult to assemble.
One reviewer said: “I bought this a month ago, my child loves it so much. It was delivered on time and the assembly instructions were clear. And perfect for kids aged 3 years old and above.”

Apollo Cupcake Kids Bike

Best for fun accessories
Apollo Cupcake Kids Bike

Any sweet treat fan will adore this cupcake-themed children’s bike. Complete with its pink frame, sprinkle seat, dolly carrier, and cute handlebar bag. It’s guaranteed to make your little one feel special! The bike also comes with stabilisers for the gradual build of biking confidence.
Wheel: 12-inch
Pros: Fun and engaging design, removeable stabilisers, mudguards for muddy rides, light reflectors for visibility.
Cons: Little on the heavy side, not the best instructions.
One reviewer said: “Bought this for my daughter’s 4th birthday and she absolutely loves it. She likes to count all the cupcakes, put her baby in the back, and off she goes!! I added the spooks and the bell which was amazing, her face lit up when she saw it.”

Pinnacle Koa 14 Inch Kids’ Bike

Best for neutral design
Pinnacle Koa 14 Inch Kids' Bike

The Pinnacle Koa Kids Bike is perfect for all-round use and maximising fun, sensibly designed for little legs so they can feel confident whilst riding and steering! With a lightweight frame, easy for carrying when smaller riders get tired, it’s still very sturdy which makes this a worthy hand-over for younger siblings too. Available in three colours – orange, blue, and pink.
Wheel: 14-inch
Pros: Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and use, neutral design for prolonged use, comfortable grips.
Cons: Takes some time to put together, a little expensive.

Raleigh Molli 14 Inch Kids Bike

Best ‘grown up’ bike
Raleigh Molli 14 Inch Kids Bike

Raleigh is one the world’s oldest and best-known bike brands, so it’s no surprise they’ve made an entry on our list. The Molli is inspired by the grown-up classic bikes but with fun extras, little ones will love. It features a bold purple design with watermelon details, a beautiful wicker basket, and their very own Molli Dog toy to ride along. The bike is lightweight with stabilisers and high-rise handlebars to encourage your child to focus ahead.
Wheel: 14-inch
Pros: Lightweight, great for beginners, removeable stabilisers, improved braking performance, fun design.
Cons: A little expensive.
Review: “I’m so happy with my order. My daughter enjoyed the time [on her bike].”

BTWIN Kids 14″ Bike Robot 500

Best for value

Ready, steady, cycle! Designed with little ones in mind, this bike comes with a chain guard ensuring those first bike rides are safe ones, as well as a mudguard and stand. They’ll feel unstoppable with this robot design in a fun, bright orange, or you could go for this 16-inch hero design instead.
Wheel: 14-inch
Pros: Affordable, removeable stabilisers, easy to use, easy to mount, sturdy, subtle yet fun design.
Cons: A little on the heavy side compared to the more expensive bikes.
One reviewer said: “We have three children and bought this for our youngest, this has been hands down the best first bike we have bought. You definitely get the feeling this was designed as a small bike for small children and not just a big bike made small.”

Muddyfox Diva 14 Inch Girls’ Bike

Best for little adventurers
Muddyfox Diva 14 Inch Girls' Bike

If you already know your child is likely to want to cycle, regardless of weather or terrain, this is the best choice for their adventurous side. The Diva is fitted with mudguards and has been designed to handle grass, paths, and pavements. The lightweight and robust frame can withstand bumps along the way whilst the alloy V-brakes give great stopping power in all weathers. It comes with stabilisers and in a green and blue colourway too if this is preferred.
Wheel: 14-inch
Pros: Robust and sturdy, lightweight, removeable stabilisers, great value, improved braking performance.
Cons: One reviewer felt the colour was more pink than advertised.
One reviewer said: “Bought this for our daughter’s 4th birthday. Delivered very quickly, some assembly needed but a really nice little bike and she’s thrilled with it.”

Bobbin Gingersnap 16″ Wheel

Editor’s Choice
Gingersnap 16_ Wheel

Designed to be a miniature version of Bobbin’s larger adult bikes, your little one will feel all ‘grown up’ on this bike. We love the design of the Gingersnap; it’s available in five bright colours, has a wicker basket, glossy finish, silver bell, and colour-matching mudguards, chaincase, and stabilisers. We think it’s a really trendy choice that your child will continue to love and will remember fondly as they get older.
Wheel: 16-inch
Pros: Bell and basket included, attractive design, removeable stabilisers, great quality, easy to adjust, comfortable vegan leather seat, good grip.
Cons: Not the most affordable.
One reviewer said: “Purchased my daughter’s bike a few weeks ago and she has had nothing but enjoyment from it and has had so many compliments! It’s SO beautiful! If you are contemplating buying a Bobbin bike, do it, you will not regret it!”

Apollo Fade Kids Bike

Apollo Fade Kids Bike

Suitable for boys and girls, the Apollo Fade provides a safe and confidence-building ride. It has removeable stabilisers, a full chainguard to protect fingers and clothes, and front and rear caliper brakes so your child has complete control. The design might not be as exciting compared to some others on our list, but it still makes for a cool bike with the multicoloured frame and spray paint style graphics.
Wheel: 16-inch
Pros: Affordable, removeable stabilisers, sturdy build, tyres good for different terrains.
Cons: Customers recommend getting it built-in store as it isn’t the easiest to assemble.
One reviewer said: “Bought this for my son for his birthday. It was so easy to build. He is absolutely delighted with it and it will get so much use I’m sure!”

Pedal Pals Harmony Kids Mountain Bike

Best for style
Pedal Pals Harmony 16 inch Wheel Size Kids Mountain Bike

This stylish white bike from Pedal Pals packs style and substance in one. The white pneumatic tyres on the colour-matched rims not only look great but make sure this bike has the smoothest of rides. It has matching decals on the stabilisers and chainguard. The wheels have good tread and the adjustable seat and handlebar mean this bike can grow with your sprouting kiddo.
Wheel: 16-inch
Pros: Removeable stabilisers, sturdy, great quality build, fairly easy to assemble, stylish design.
Cons: Might not stay white for long!
One reviewer said: “The is an amazingly strong and sturdy bike. Great first bike for our Granddaughter – although only 3, she can just manage to reach the peddles so this should last a few years, plenty of growth room by adjusting the seat and handlebars. Very good quality for the price we paid. Her dad actually rode it which shows just how strong it is. Another quality product from Argos.”

Huffy Spider-Man Quick Connect Kids Bike

Best for superhero fans
Huffy Spider-Man Quick Connect Kids Bike

Any Spider-Man-obsessed child will soon become obsessed with this bike. They’ll be swinging into action in no time and love the unique Spider-Man mask handlebar feature, classic Spider-Man colours, and character motifs. It’s designed to provide a comfortable riding position to help them develop their balance. We also love the Quick Connect build system that makes the assembly easier for parents.
Wheel: 16-inch
Pros: Removeable stabilisers, robust frame, quick and easy to assemble, fun character design.
Cons: Heaviest of our 16-inch options.
One reviewer said: “Great bike, my son is absolutely buzzing with it. Recommend to anyone.”

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